Sylwia Bedynska, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Postal Address:
SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities
Chodakowska 19/31
03-815 Warsaw, Poland

Phone: +48 225 179 805


Main areas of my current research are: (1) Stereotype influence on functioning both minority and majority group members known as stereotype assimilation or contrast. Stereotype threat, the situation in which stereotype is assimilated by the target members of stereotyped group, is my basic research interest with special reference to cognitive consequences of that state on mental models generation, reasoning, and working memory capacity; (2) Intellectual helplessness and the learning styles in different school settings (traditional and e-learning).


Ph. D., Department of Psychology,Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities, 2004
M. A., Department of Psychology, University of Warsaw, 1999

  • Assistant Professor, Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences, 2004-present
  • Assistant Professor, Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities, 2004-present
Main Works
  • Bedyńska S. i Cypryańska M. (in press). Factor and reliability analysis. Advanced methods of building variable indicators. (in Polish). Statystyczny drogowskaz. Praktyczny przewodnik analiz statystycznych. Wydawnictwo SWPS Academica.
  • Szarota P., Bedyńska S., Matsumoto D., Yoo S.H., Sterkowicz S., Djunaidi A., Setiono K., Purwono U., Kakai U, Shigemasu E., Friedlmeier W. (in press). Smiling as a masking display strategy. A cross-cultural comparison. Asian Journal of Social Psychology.
  • Bedyńska S., Dreszer J. (2006). Laugh at stereotypes! Strategies od eliminating stereotype threat. (in Polish) Psychologia Społeczna, 2, 88-95.
  • Dreszer, J., Bedyńska, S.(2005). Neurocognitive timer: how to understand differences in cognitive functioning in the context of subjective time perception? (in Polish) (W:) W., Limont, J., Cieślikowska (red.) Wybrane zagadnienia edukacji uczniów zdolnych. Uczeń i nauczyciel w teorii i praktyce, t.2, Kraków: Impuls
  • Bedyńska, S., Dreszer, J. (2005) Lost talents. Negative stereotype as a crucial factor of underachievement of gifted. (in Polish) (W:) W., Limont, J., Cieślikowska, (red.) Wybrane zagadnienia edukacji uczniów zdolnych. Zdolności i stymulowanie ich rozwoju, t.1, Kraków: Impuls.
  • Bedyńska S. (2005). Why blonds are dumb? Influence of stereotype on its target. (in Polish) Statystyka i data mining w badaniach naukowych. Kraków. Statsoft.
  • Brzezicka-Rotkiewicz A., Bedyńska S. (2005). Working memory and mental efficacy. (in Polish) (w:) K. Piber-Dąbrowska i A. Brzezicka- Rotkiewicz (red.) Kiedy zawiesza się nasze myślenie? Poza-osobowościowe dystraktory sprawności umysłowej. Warszawa: Academica, 151-168.
  • von Hecker, U., Sedek, G., Piber-Dabrowska, K., & Bedynska, S. (2005). Generative reasoning in depression, aging, and under stereotyping. [W:] R. W. Engle, G. Sedek, U. von Hecker, & D. N. McIntosh, D. N. (Eds.), Cognitive limitations in aging and psychopatholog (366-401). New York: Cambridge University Press.
  • Sędek G. i Bedyńska S. (2004). Deprresion, aging and stereotype threat – the same or different sources of cognitive difficulties? (in Polish) Kolokwia Psychologiczne 12, 143-156
  • Bedyńska S. (2003). Psychological consequences od stereotyping. (in Polish) Psychologia Jakości Życia, 1, 101-114.
  • Bedyńska S. i Sędek G. (2003). Stereotype threat phenomenon: negative stereotypes’ influence on cognitive functioning. (in Polish) Studia Psychologiczne, 41, 159-179.
Conferences and Summer Schools
  • June 2004 - "Cognitive deficits in stereotype threat situation" talk delivered on the Small Meeting on Understanding the academic underachievement of low status group members (June 9-12 2004, Paris) organized by EAESP
  • June 2004 – "Harmful consequences of being the stereotype target" at the 2nd Warsaw Workshop on Social Psychology – "Communication, Influence, and Intergroup Cognition", Warsaw.
  • September 2003 – "Cognitive deficits in stereotype threat situation" at the 5th Meeting of the European Social Cognition Network at Padua (Italy).
  • September 2003 – "Crises intervention in Poland – present situation and fears for the future" at the Crises Intervention Small Meeting at Trento (Italy)
  • July 2003 "Advanced regression methods in research practice - Structural Equations Modeling" organized by Warsaw University and leaded by Professor R. Gonzalez (University of Michigan)
  • July 2002 - "Cognition, Communication and Self-Report" course at the summer school "Warsaw International Summer Education" organized by Warsaw University and leaded by Professor N. Schwarz (University of Michigan)
  • July 2002 - "Advanced Statistical Analysis of Survey Data" course at the summer school Warsaw International Summer Education organized by Warsaw University and leaded by Professor R. Gonzalez (University of Michigan)
  • July 2002 - "Cognitive deficits in depression and under stereotype treat: New applications of time accuracy functions" speech delivered at the Potsdam University (with G. Sedek and A. Brzezicka-Rotkiewicz as co-authors)
  • June 2001 – "Deductive thinking under stereotype threat" at the 1st Warsaw Workshop on Social Psychology, Social Cognition and Intergroup Relations, Warsaw (organized by Warsaw University and Padua University)