Maciej Skorko

Maciej Skorko, M.A.

Ph.D. candidate and employee of Institute of Psychology Polish Academy of Sciences.

Postal Address: 
Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences
Jaracza 1, 00-378
Warsaw, Poland


Zainteresowania badawcze:

Maciek works in the field of cognitive psychology and conducts research on the use of video games in cognitive training interventions and its influence on the visual short term memory and the executive functions. More over Maciek works as a programmer (JAVA/Groovy, Python, C#, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS) creating advanced research tools for Internet based research, experimental cognitive psychology and research methods based on Virtual Reality technologies.

Currently he works as principal investigator on the execution of the research project funded by National Science Center: “Cognitive functioning improvements as a result of video game play: identifying predictors of game based training effectiveness”.