Research Methods in Cognitive Studies (REMICS 2010)

logo_remics_2010.gifThe Second Research Methods in Cognitive Studies (REMICS 2010) Winter School took place in Zakopane, (Poland) from 14th to 27th February, 2010. The second edition of the winter school was devoted the domains of attention and working memory as well as executive functions, such as planning, reasoning, reading with comprehension, or problem solving - often applying modern computerized methods and neuroimaging techniques.


As in previous year, excellent scientists took part in the school as teachers, e.g. Prof. Valérie Camos, Dr. Lucie Corbin, Prof. Dr. Alfons Hamm, Dr. Jochen Laubrock, Dr. med. Eduard Kraft, Prof. Soledad Ballesteros, Prof. José Manuel Reales Avilés, Prof. Pierre Barrouillet, Prof. Elizabeth Maylor, Ulrich von Hecker, Ph.D., Malgorzata Kossowska, Ph.D., Marek Binder, Ph.D., Michal Kuniecki, Ph.D., Prof. Grzegorz Sedek, Agnieszka Popiel, MD, Ph.D., Sylwia Bedyńska, Ph.D., Aneta Brzezicka, Ph.D, Izabela Krejtz, Ph.D, Szymon Wichary, Ph.D.

The meeting provided a timely exchange of ideas and the development students understanding of advanced and modern neuroimaging methods for studying different cognitive processes. Next to the inspiring speeches, when school was out, members reunited for various kinds of activities.  All in all it was a very inspiring and enjoyable experience.

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